Here William and Kate smile away at the scandal surrounding Harry's book


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 First public appearance by William and Kate

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Prinz Harry (38) takes advantage of the moment: Netflix documentary, explosive book, various TV interviews! The youngest son of King Charles III. (74) obviously has a lot on her mind. Quite the opposite of his royal family. So far she has been silent. All of Harry's scandalous accusations went unanswered. Until now? Visit on Thursday (January 12). Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) a hospital in Liverpool. RTL reports live on site.

Are Prince William and Duchess Kate finally breaking their silence?

Prince William and Princess Kate visit a hospital in Liverpool. It is the couple's first public appearance. Will they break their silence and comment on Prince Harry's allegations? Will you notice anything about them?

Is Prince William smiling away his worries here?

The event was not well announced, it is primarily about mental health – which not only Prince William and Princess Kate have campaigned for, but also Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan when they were still working together.

The first pictures are circulating: Prince William and his wife Kate leave Windsor – they are in the car together. Chic as always: he wears a suit, she a black coat. These pictures would normally be described as inconspicuous. But against the background of the headlines of the last few days, you take a closer look: The Prince of Wales seems relaxed; laughs with his wife and looks relaxed.

Prince William and Princess Kate have arrived at Liverpool Universal Hospital

Prince William and Princess Kate get out of the car. Little did the public know that the couple would be paying a visit to Liverpool Universal Hospital. No wonder, since everyone is waiting for that one reaction to Harry's scathing words

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