'Herzblatt': The cult show on Sat.1 gets in the mood for Valentine's Day


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"Herzblatt": Kult-Show stimmt in Sat.1 auf den Valentinstag ein
Jörg Pilawa moderates 'Dating Game - Who should be your sweetheart?' © SAT.1/Marc Rehbeck/Bernd Jaworek/Adobe Stock, SpotOn

Sender brings back formats

In the first, 'Herzblatt' became a cult show. In a few weeks, the flirt classic will return to Sat.1 under a different title. As part of the 'Sat.1 Kult-Show-Wochen', the station will be showing the program 'Dating Game - Who should be your sweetheart?' on February 13th, i.e. one day before Valentine's Day. Jörg Pilawa (57) will moderate as before.

'And here is your sweetheart!'

In other respects, too, little seems to change in principle. According to a press release from the broadcaster, Pilawa will receive four singles who will ask their flirt questions to three candidates each. After a summary by Susi's well-known voice, it should then be like before: 'And here is your sweetheart!'

'You stand in the studio, hear the music from back then and immediately have the images in your mind again,' Pilawa is quoted as saying in the statement. 'Or this sentence, 'Here is your sweetheart', and the wall moves back. Everyone knows that. That's what makes a cult show for me.'

More shows on Sat.1

In addition, the broadcaster will also be showing 'The Pyramid' in the 'Sat.1 Kult-Show-Wochen' on February 6th. Pilawa welcomes actress Simone Thomalla (57), her colleague Tom Beck (44), moderator Ruth Moschner (46) and comedian Bastian Bielendorfer (38), who have to try to explain terms to their team partners with words and gestures. The winning duo can look forward to up to 22,000 euros.

Moschner will also be honored with 'Jeopardy!' on February 20th. to lead. Nine candidates try to assert themselves in the quiz format in three pre-selection rounds and a final and finally take home up to 50,000 euros. The station shows all three shows from 8:15 p.m.

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