Hooray! Jan Leyk and his fiancée are expecting their first baby


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jan Leyk and his fiancée Franzi are expecting a baby
Jan Leyk and his fiancée Franzi are expecting a baby © Instagram

Suddenly everything happens very quickly: in love, engaged - and no, not married! But Jan Leyk (38) and his fiancee Franzi are expecting a baby! That has the ex-Battle of the Reality Stars contestant now betrayed in a live chat and with an ultrasound image.

Jan Leyk: 'I'm ready to take responsibility!'

On the Internet platform Twitch, Jan Leyk surprisingly dropped the baby bomb! When a fan asked him if he was really going to be a father, the reality star replied sarcastically in her usual Marnier: 'Hm, if Franzi didn't cut the scissors for a colleague, then I should be the one.' He only complied with 'Franzi's sperm request'.

But then the 38-year-old got serious and said openly: 'I'm doing very well with it, I'm happy, excited, overwhelmed, but also ready to take on the responsibility!' And his girlfriend also spoke in the live chat and announced: 'It's amazing what you experience there. It's a very exciting phase in my life.'

A short time later, the couple made the pregnancy official on Instagram and posted an ultrasound image. Jan writes: 'Hit sunk!'

In July 2022, Jan Leyk made his relationship with his girlfriend public. A month later, in August, he surprisingly proposed to his Franzi. The two even already know what their wedding should look like: Beach wedding instead of church wedding . In the video we show the sparkling engagement ring again:

 Jan Leyk is engaged

Whether the wedding will take place before the birth of their first baby or only afterwards, only the two of them know - if at all. But first of all, it's time to enjoy the pregnancy and prepare yourself mentally and morally for your new role as father and mother. (rsc)

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