Horror film 'M3gan' convinces with a US record before the start in Germany


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 Horror movie"M3gan" überzeugt mit US-Rekord vor Deutschland-Start
The robot doll M3gan overdoes it with her care in the horror film of the same name. © © 2023 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. All Rights Reserved., SpotOn

On view from January 12th

The horror film 'M3gan' will only start in German cinemas on January 12, 2023, but it is already being celebrated internationally. According to Box Office Mojo, the flick has grossed over $30 million in the US alone since it was released on January 6th.

No film has done that on the first full weekend of the year since 2012's horror production Devil Inside, which grossed over $33 million at the time and even over $100 million overall. The signs for a successful German launch of 'M3gan' on Thursday are good. The film has already more than made up for its budget of around twelve million US dollars.

Only 'Avatar: The Way of Water' recorded a higher box office result in the USA last weekend with almost 45 million US dollars. The epic by director James Cameron (68) ranks seventh among the most successful films of all time with over 1.7 billion US dollars at the box office worldwide (as of Monday afternoon).

That's what 'M3gan' is about

Eight-year-old Cady (Violet McGraw, 11) loses her parents in an accident. From now on she lives with her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams, 34). She is working on an AI-supported robot doll that she will one day reprogram for Cady. The idea: M3gan, as Gemma calls the girly doll, should build an emotional connection with her niece and protect her from harm. But M3gan carries out her task as a protector a little too strictly and does not shy away from deadly force.

In the USA 'M3gan' has been released for ages 13 and over, in Germany the film will be released for ages 16 and over. This makes it accessible to a wider audience than most horror films.

Creepy PR action in New York

The film owes its success to an effective online PR campaign. For release day on January 6th, a group of girls, dressed like the title character, made a media-visiting visit to New York. The performance was shared widely on social networks, and many perplexed New Yorkers can be seen in several videos. The disguised girls performed rehearsed choreographies or posed menacingly in Times Square.

On 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,' a girl dressed as M3gan startled the audience as Gemma actress Allison Williams was discussing the new film with the host.

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