How Diane Kruger passed on her German roots to daughter Nova


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Diane Kruger interviewed for"Gala TV"
Diane Kruger in an interview for 'Gala TV' © RTL

It is Germany's most popular Hollywood export: Diane Kruger (46) enthusiastic since her breakthrough with the historical film 'Troja' nationally and internationally the masses. But her fame in the film business is nothing compared to what is probably the most spectacular role of her life: in 2018 she has her daughter Nova brought into the world, since then she shines as a mom. In the talk at GALA, the actress now talks about the development of the little ones and reveals what connection her child has to her home country Germany.

Diane Kruger lives in France

Since then Diane Kruger, who was once born in Lower Saxony, with fellow actors Norman Reedus is in a relationship, she has shifted her life completely abroad. Their little daughter grew up somewhere between France and America. But she never forgets her German roots and so she teaches her little ones everything about her country of birth: 'She's only been there twice. She understands everything in German, but she often answers in English. It's better when my mother is there, because then there are three people. Otherwise it's always just me.'

In order for Nova's German to improve and for her to remain connected to her mother's origins in the future, she now attends a German school on Wednesdays, 'so that she is surrounded by more Germans,' says Diane.

The family currently lives in France, by the way, but Diane wants to prepare her daughter for everything: 'I try to teach her from the start, 'We live in the world. We are at home everywhere, we have friends everywhere'. Who knows if I'll be able to do that.'

This is how Diane Kruger masters everyday life with a child

It's not always easy for Diane to reconcile child and job, she reveals in an interview with GALA: 'Because I'm an actress, I have moments when I'm very busy and moments when I'm not shooting.'

Because shooting days can easily go all day and there are no set times, a very special person in her life is always on hand: 'Thank God I have my mom when I'm shooting. She usually comes to help me with my daughter or my husband. When I'm not filming, I'd say I'm a thoroughbred mum.” Then household chores would also be on her agenda – and of course lots of time with her little daughter. After all, this is the time that nobody can give her back, all the first times with her little one.

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