Ilkay Gündogan: baby gender revealed - and wife Sara shows her belly


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Selfie of Sara and Ilkay Gündogan.
Ilkay and Sara Gündogan are expecting their first baby. ©

With photos in front of a beautiful sunset and a touching text, Sara Gündogan announces the gender of her first baby with her husband and soccer player Ilkay Gundogan (32) expected. Because for the mother-to-be, her child is 'the only thing we leave behind on this earth'. And it will be a...

Sara & Ilkay Gündogan are looking forward to their son

Actually, Sara Gündogan, née Arfaoui, is not “available for gender announcements or big speeches on social media”. But when it comes to her first baby , but then she makes an exception – at least a little bit. Because the gender of her first child, which Sara is expecting with Ilkay Gündogan, she does not announce with balloons in pink or blue or excessive amounts of confetti, but almost plain and simple: She is standing on the beach in a black dress, the waves playing around her feet . She wrapped her hands lovingly and proudly around her baby ball. 'For me, a son is the only thing we leave behind on this earth,' she writes. So it's going to be a boy!

“Becoming a mother has always been a dream of mine. I know that being a mother isn't cool in our society these days. […] Creating a good person is not boring, it is an honour!” continues the proud mom-to-be. For her, the meaning of life is knowing 'that someone carries us in their hearts and in their memories'.

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There is a red heart from her husband in the comment column for these beautiful words. Ann-Kathrin Goetze (33), wife of Mario Götze (30) and already the mother of little Rome (2), commented: 'The most beautiful'. And Sara's followers are also happy with her. A user writes: 'Nice words!!! Heartfelt,' another commented, 'Very strong words. I wish you the best on earth on this journey'. Only one user is surprised: 'Hopefully you never get pregnant with a daughter. How do you think she would feel if she had to read '...a son is the only thing we leave on this earth.....'”? It should be clear that Sara and Ilkay Gündogan would have been just as happy about a girl as about a boy. (cre)

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