In Gran Canaria: Kate Merlan has to go to the hospital


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Benjamin Boyce and Kate Merlan have split
Kate Merlan is in excruciating pain. ©

Never praise the day before the evening - and the week never before the weekend. That could be Kate Whiting (35) think now. On Monday, the reality TV star gushed about his current stay in Spain on Instagram. But then, just one day later, she went to the emergency room on Gran Canaria. And because everything had to happen so quickly, even in dinosaur pajamas...

Quickly to the hospital

 Kate Whiting
Kate Merlan shows off her injured foot on Instagram. © Instagram, Instagram/katemerlan

Ouch! Kate Merlan shows her blue foot to the camera. What happened there? The reported on Instagram The influencer with her followers with her sorrow: 'My right foot hurts me so incredibly, you can't imagine that.' Hoping that doctors, nurses or simply people skilled in medicine are hiding among her fans, she asks for advice : 'Can anyone tell me what this could be?'

However, the hoped-for digital remote diagnosis did not work this way. The only tip that came from the community: 'Off to the hospital!'. Without clarity, but with a lot of pain, she actually went to a real doctor - in dinosaur pajamas! There probably wasn't time to change, it had to be done quickly. At least this way you can sit out the waiting time in the emergency room comfortably.

Kate Merlan complains in the video after surgery: My nose is now crooked

 Kate Merlan complains after surgery: My nose is now crooked

Diagnosis unclear - due to language problems

The problem: 'I'm here in the Spanish Gran Canaria hospital and don't understand a word! [...] It's really scary, I really don't understand anything. I wish I had done a Spanish course beforehand.' The diagnosis is therefore not so clear after all: 'NO BREAK I only understood 'not broke' something else...strongly strained.'

However, the reality star cannot be stopped by this incident. It works the next day putzmunter back in front of the camera. So it doesn't seem to have been that bad after all. (rbe)

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