Influencer Paola Maria fuels rumors of love: does she have a new boyfriend?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Is Paola Maria really taken again?
In an Instagram story, Paola Maria heats up rumors of love © imago images/Gartner, Gartner, via,

On YouTube, Paola Maria (28) keeps her followers up to date in the form of vlogs and shares her very personal experiences with her fans. She is usually very open. Yet since the separation from her husband, the Youtuber Sascha Koslowski (35) , she preferred to keep details about her current relationship status to herself. That seems to be changing now.

Paola makes fans curious: is this the new man by her side?

 She fuels the rumor mill
Does Paola Maria have a new man by her side? © Instagram

After breaking up in February the fans of Paola Maria and Sascha Koslowski were shocked. In the meantime, however, the influencer is said to have a new man by her side again. She is said to be dating entrepreneur Alexander Thoss. It wasn't until August that she made it clear: 'I currently want to keep private things private!' But now she deliberately shows a man's hand in her Instagram story. Her hand can be seen in the photo, which lies in a much larger hand. Of course, this allows for direct speculation: is she posting a detail about her new boyfriend here? The mother of two leaves open who the hand belongs to, but perhaps the photo is an indication that we will see a man at Paola's side again in the future.

Paola moves back to Germany

Paola Maria and Sascha Koslowski actually wanted to emigrate to Dubai. After nothing came of it, they tried their luck on Madeira. They lived there for several months together with their children Leonardo and Alessandro. After the separation, Paola had spent a lot of time with her family in Germany, but she wanted to live in Portugal for the time being so that everything would continue as normal for her children. She has now turned her back on Madeira and is busy keeping her fans up to date about her new apartment on her YouTube channel. For her, the question now is how she wants to set everything up - which wall color goes better with the couch? Perhaps a man will soon be able to have a say again.

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