Instagram Husband: Wayne goes to great lengths to capture the perfect photo of Annemarie Carpendale


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Wayne Carpendale and Annemarie Carpendale at the Omega Event 50 Years Moon Landing at the Coal Bunker. Munich, 27.06.2019 *** Wayne Carpendale and Annemarie Carpendale at the Omega Event 50 years moon landing in the coal bunker Munich, 27 06 2019 Photo:xA.x
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Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale on family vacation

A fantastic backdrop and a pretty woman – that’s all a perfect holiday Instagram photo really needs. But wait a minute, a photographer who stages his subject perfectly wouldn't be bad either! How good that Annemarie Carpendale (44) with Wayne (44) has a talented man by her side who is looking for the perfect snapshot shows really full use of the body.


Annemarie and Wayne are currently leaving together with their son Mads unwind in the Maldives. Despite a well-deserved break, it is of course a good idea to produce fantastic content for the social media channels in paradise. And if there is no professional photographer in sight, your own husband has to do it without further ado. 'Right in the middle of my tough Instagram husband training,' Wayne now writes about shots on his profile that show him giving his all when photographing his wife. Both on his knees and lying on his stomach - the moderator really does his best to get the perfect picture.

The followers find the post quite funny – and one or the other user even finds himself in it. 'That sounds familiar to me,' comments, for example Lucas Cordalis (54) for his wife Daniela Katzenberger (35) apparently also had to take photos.

The result is impressive

Annemarie proudly publishes the pictures of the private photo shoot on her channel - and they are really well received by the community. Within a few hours, the post was liked almost 15,000 times. 'The pictures are awesome', 'Great pictures and a great sunset' and 'What beautiful photos, dear Annemarie', the fans rave. Only one seems a little outraged. 'Hi??? Photo credit,” Wayne notes, offended. Where he's right, he's right - after all, professional photographers are usually tagged and mentioned by name in posts by celebrities. (dga)

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