Interview with Prince Harry – this little background detail irritates the viewers


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  January 8, 2023, Great Britain, Edinburgh: A person at home in Edinburgh watches as Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is interviewed by ITV on 'Harry: The Interview', two days before the release of his controversial autobiography
No one would have seen people getting upset about it. © dpa, Jane Barlow, you are

Prinz Harry (38) has two days before the Publication of his memoirs 'Spare' (German: 'Reserve') caused quite a stir in two TV interviews. In conversation with the British broadcaster 'ITV', which was shown exclusively in Germany on RTL on January 9th , Harry unpacks, among other things, about his relationship with his royal family in Great Britain. But the sometimes highly explosive statements were completely pushed into the background for some Twitter users by a tiny detail...

And the concentration was gone!

Harry took the opportunity to talk about his relationship with father King Charles III (74) to talk about the broken relationship with his brother Prince William (40), but also about his stepmother, Queen Camilla (75). His remarks sound tragic when Charles told young Harry in 1997 the terrible news of the death of his brought over everything beloved mother Lady Diana († 36). . Or the memories of that moment when William is said to have become violent towards him .

But then there's this detail – a simple doorknob that completely confuses some viewers. 'I just can't focus on anything else,' one user complained loudly on Twitter. 'Who put the door handles the wrong way round!!!' In fact, on closer inspection you can see that the lock on the garden door in the background of the interview setting was attached over the actual handle.

Doorknob arouses tempers

It was 'the one thing' in the interview that would make his blood 'boil'. And he's not alone with that, another person tweets: 'I'm just starting the Harry interview and before it really starts, I'm already annoyed!' Here, too, the trigger is the door handles, which are 'upside down', i.e. 'wrong'. around', were attached. Another person jumps up and writes: 'Oh yes, watch carefully! Now it annoys me too …'

In the video: This is how Great Britain reacts to the interview

  This is how Britain reacts to Prince Harry's statements

Popularity plummets

In the end, however, the statements of the prince were the focus. While voices are increasingly being raised in the USA that Harry and Duchess Meghan (41) support and understand, the British people are shocked . The sympathy points for the royal drop-out couple continue to fall, in a survey conducted by the opinion research institute 'YouGov' on January 5th and 6th - i.e. before the interviews were broadcast - it was already said that 64% of the population now support the once popular royal faced with negative feelings. (vne)

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