Intimate moment: Lena Gercke shows herself breastfeeding


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  Dreamy and sexy! Lena Gercke reports back after the birth
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So this is what a little reinforcement break looks like at Gercke. Model Lena Gercke (34) shows himself in love on Instagram while breastfeeding with daughter Lia in her arms. And it quickly becomes apparent that she is not only a mother, but also a model.

Breastfeed in style

At the end of 2022, Lena Gercke (34) mother for the second time . After daughter Zoe (2) daughter Lia followed. How great her happiness as a mother is, she shows her community on Instagram with sweet, intimate insights into young family life. And one thing stands out:

Lena Gercke not only has her kids in mind, but also – of course, them Mode-Trends ! She proves that without a doubt, for example with her latest snapshot. In her Instagram story, she shows herself completely in love while breastfeeding her little ones. And mother and daughter treat themselves to a delicious break in a partner look! Lena in a beige wool sweater, Lia in a cozy beige two-piece suit. And all this comfortably on the beige sofa! Someone seems to have a favorite color. Breastfeed like in a fashion magazine!

  Lena Gercke
Lena is shown breastfeeding her youngest daughter. © Instagram, Instagram/lenagercke

She enjoys it while she can

Lena obviously enjoys breastfeeding her youngest daughter Lia to the fullest. Because the model knows only too well that happiness can come to an abrupt end. With her first daughter Zoe it was over after 6 months. And that did not decide Lena. The decision was taken from her - by none other than baby Zoe. At some point, her daughter simply lost interest in the breast, losing the model . A very irritating moment for the young mother: 'In the beginning it was very emotional for me, because as a mother you suddenly somehow feel 'no longer wanted''. It took a while for her to appreciate her new freedom. Because breastfeeding is not easy. Whether during the day or at night - as soon as her child was hungry: Lena was in the suburbs.

But she seems to be happy to accept this effort again.

  Lena Gercke welcomes baby number two!

problems with breastfeeding

But breastfeeding is not as easy for every mother as it is for Lena Gercke. Many are confronted with onerous challenges, such as insufficient milk production. Some celebrities are now going public with it and clarifying things, as well Kim Gloss or Fiona Erdmann . (rbe)

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