Is Jeremy Renner losing a leg after his horrific accident?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Spa-Tag" auf Intensivstation: Jeremy Renner kann wieder scherzen
Jeremy Renner is still in intensive care. © Featureflash Photo Agency/, SpotOn

It's over a week Jeremy Renners (52) Accident with a snow plow now ago. And the Avengers star is still in critical condition in intensive care. His family is now seriously concerned. Does the actor even have to have a leg amputated?

Worse than expected

The new year got off to a disastrous start for actor Jeremy Renner. On January 1, he got caught under a snow plow . He suffered severe bleeding and bruising. Since then he has been in the hospital . Short video messages and snapshots from the sickbed calm his fans and give hope. But now a source told Radar Online worrying information: 'Jeremy has already had two difficult surgeries. But there are serious doubts as to whether he will ever be able to walk properly again.' There is also a fear that the Hollywood star may even lose a leg.

The family is there for him

Jeremy Renner's spokesman only calms the fans a little: 'He stays on the intensive care unit in critical but stable condition'. It is a time when Jeremy's family fears for him, but is also there for him almost around the clock. The actor is not only well cared for medically. How touching his sister is about him see in the following video:

  Seriously injured Jeremy Renner gets a head massage

What happened if?

What if Jeremy Renner's foot really couldn't be saved? For the actor, it would mean a great loss and a big change. After all, Jeremy is known for action and fights in the film.

For Hollywood, it would mean inclusion. In the entertainment scene, much emphasis is placed on Glamour placed. The screens feature flawless performers; Wheelchair users are often portrayed by people without disabilities, and they artificially imitate amputated legs. But how will Hollywood react when a superhero or agent - Jeremy Renner's signature roles - returns with only one foot? Perhaps the starting signal for a rethinking in “so perfect” Hollywood?

However, we hope for Jeremy that everything will be fine again. Maybe his stroke of fate for the Hollywood scene is a wake-up call, that's enough. (rbe)

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