It was at this place that their marriage broke up


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  It was at this place that their marriage broke up
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split in 2016. © Kathy Hutchins/, SpotOn

email popped up

The argument between Angelina Jolie (47) and Brad Pitt (58) about their former joint winery in France keeps making headlines. Now an email has apparently appeared on TikTok that the actress is said to have written to her ex-husband in January 2021. 'Entertainment Tonight' reports that it also found the email in a court document.

The message begins, according to the report, with Jolie declaring that she is writing this down 'so as not to get emotional.' She then allegedly explains her decision to sell her stake in the Château Miraval winery. She writes about the common property that it is the place where she brought the twins Knox and Vivienne (14) home and where they got married. 'A place that held the promise of what could be and where I thought I would grow old. Even now, it's impossible to write this without crying. I will revisit my memories of what it was a decade ago , hold in honor.'

'The beginning of the end'

According to 'Entertainment Tonight', the email then goes on to say: 'But it is also the place that marks the beginning of the end of our family – and a business that revolves around alcohol.' According to Jolie 'ET', she hoped 'that somehow it could become something that holds us together and where we can find light and peace'. Subsequently, in the message, Jolie allegedly talks about decisions that were made behind her back and that she no longer wants to be involved in an alcohol-based business, and writes about put options.

Jolie wished Pitt 'good luck with the business' in the alleged email. She very much hopes, quotes 'ET' from it, 'that the children will think differently about Miraval when they are older'. For Jolie, Miraval 'died in September 2016 and sadly everything I've seen over the years bears this out.' The 47-year-old accuses her ex-husband of freaking out on a private flight in September 2016, one of their six children was also affected, she claimed, according to US media reports. She filed for divorce after the incidents. Brad Pitt denies the allegations.

Long dispute at Miraval

The dispute over the property in France has been going on for a long time. With a lawsuit against Jolie in February 2022, Pitt wanted to reverse the sale of their shares in the joint winery to a Russian oligarch. His accusation: Jolie sold her part behind his back. Although Jolie announced in July 2021 that it had reached an agreement with a buyer, Pitt allegedly did not agree to the sale.

The two bought the Château Miraval in Correns between Marseille and Nice in 2008. Pitt claimed in the lawsuit that he's invested a lot of money and time over the years, and he wants a reward for it. His wife at the time would have paid 40 percent of the original purchase price of 25 million euros, he paid the rest.

According to Pitt, there was always an agreement that neither of them could sell their shares without the consent of the other. Jolie disagrees. According to the actress, such an agreement never existed. In addition, a counterclaim against Pitt alleges that he asked Jolie to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

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