James Middleton: Princess Kate's brother honors Queen with a touching gesture


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 Kate's brother honors Queen in a special way

That Princess Kate (40) has a very attractive brother is well known. But James Middleton (35) not only looks stunning, he also has a big heart. honor now the passionate dog breeder the late Queen with a touching gesture: His newest dog addition has been given a very special name. In the video we show how much James means to his four-legged friends.

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Puppy Bertie - like the Queen - will serve for life

James Middleton has named his new puppy Bertie. This is the nickname of King George VI, the beloved father of Queen Elizabeth II , who was born Prince Albert. This choice of name would have given the deceased monarch, who was known to be a huge dog fan, sure liked it.

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But James thought even more when deciding on the name Bertie, as he reveals in an interview with 'Hello'. The little Golden Retriever is supposed to be trained as a guide dog and thus “serve for life” – like the Queen. James told the magazine: 'It is incredible that the Queen has dedicated her life to serving the Crown. And in many ways, Bertie the dog will dedicate his life to his ministry as well.”

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 The Queen was so fond of animals

James Middleton comforted Kate and Co. over the loss of their dog

Taking to Instagram, James Middleton thanked the Queen for her lifelong service and leadership. The Queen was 'the epitome of enduring grace, determination and confidence': 'Our constant in a world of change.'

In January 2021, when he helped Kate, William and their children over the loss of their beloved dog Lupo, James proved that he not only finds the right words, but also often lets his actions speak for themselves. Back then, Princess Kate's brother gave the little family a cute black cocker puppy. 'Orla' was even allowed to come along to little Princess Charlotte's official birthday photo. (csp)

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