James Middleton: Princess Kate's brother mourns the loss of his dog


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 James Middleton: Princess Kate's brother mourns the loss of his dog
According to his own statements, James Middleton owes his life to the dog lady Ella. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

He owes his life to Ella

James Middleton (35) mourns the loss of his beloved dog lady Ella. Princess Kate's younger brother (41) shared the news of death on Instagram and posted two black and white photos of the cocker spaniel. 'It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my dear Ella,' Middleton wrote. She had been by his side for 15 years and now died in his arms after a very short illness. He will 'miss her terribly'.

Ella has now been buried in the garden next to the family dog ​​Tilly, who has also died. In a BBC interview in 2020, James Middleton revealed that Ella helped him through his darkest times. She even accompanied him to his therapy sessions for depression, which made all the difference. 'I would even go so far as to say I owe my life to Ella,' Middleton said.

Son of Ella was family dog ​​of Prince William and Princess Kate

Also in 2020, Middelton founded an all-natural pet food company, which he named Ella & Co. in her honor. He also later said that he only met his wife Alizee Thevenet (32), whom he married in 2021, because of his Ella. In an essay for The Telegraph newspaper, Middleton wrote that Ella independently joined Alizee in a restaurant and was petted by her. He then had to embarrassedly go to his wife-to-be to apologize.

The late Ella was also the mother of Lupo, the black cocker spaniel who was the family pet of Prince William, 40, and Princess Kate for nine years before he passed away in November 2020. In a statement, the two royals said at the time that Lupo was the heart of their family.

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