Jan Böhmermann: His first TV appearances were so bizarre


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  ARCHIVE - February 17, 2020, Berlin: Jan Böhmermann, TV entertainer, and winner of the Entertainment Prize, smiles at the award ceremony for 'Journalists of the Year 2019'. Who the secret documents of the Hessian constitutional protection
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Today matters Jan Böhmermann (41) one of the most well-known German entertainers and satirists. But everyone starts small. Now the moderator unpacks embarrassments from his first TV appearances.

Jan Böhmermann at the cotton candy eating contest

Jan Böhmermann and his entertainer colleague chat in their podcast 'Fest & Flauschig'. Olli Schulz (49) regularly out of the sewing box. This is also the case in the current episode entitled '#BOOMERCRINGE'. It turns out that Böhmermann's first appearances on TV were pretty wacky.

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'My first big TV appearance was the cotton candy eating contest by 'Buten und Binnen', the regional magazine of Radio Bremen, which I think I won,' the presenter recalls. As one of three candidates, he was the fastest thanks to his sophisticated tactics. 'I just took the cotton candy and kneaded it until it was a lump of sugar and then ate it like a candy,' continues Böhmermann. The stomach ache was free at the end.

Now it's getting really uncomfortable

But even before the big candy floss eating contest, today's entertainer could be seen on TV. 'My first television appearance was in grade 12 or 11 as part of the video competition 'Drugs Suck' from RTL2 and 'Bravo', where the main prize was an appearance on 'Bravo TV',' Böhmermann recalls. With this TV appearance you also had the chance to meet none other than DJ BoBo (54) to meet.

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Böhmermann was apparently able to win the competition together with his classmates, with unpleasant consequences. 'There should still be video footage somewhere of me in a bright orange sweater at the DJ BoBo meet and greet,' admits the satirist. Whenever he sees Eurodance-DJ, like most recently at 'ZDF Magazin Royale', he has to think back to this moment. During the show, he also tore up a large Leonardo DiCaprio poster 'in a fit of rebellion' against the Titanic hype. So Böhmermann was always good for a surprise. (ean)

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