Jane Fonda reveals: She still does her legendary workouts today


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 Jane Fonda reveals: She still does her legendary workouts today
Jane Fonda celebrated her 85th birthday on December 21st. © Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com, SpotOn

After cancer therapy

After completing her cancer therapy, Jane Fonda (85) is still on the road to recovery. The actress reveals in a new interview with 'Elle' magazine that she is already doing sports again. The workout, with which she once gained worldwide fame, is 'still relevant today because it really works'. At the age of 85, however, she can no longer complete entire training sessions. 'But I do the same movements every day, just slower and with less weight,' explains Fonda.

However, the motivation to exercise is different today than it was in the 1980s: 'Back then, sport had something to do with my appearance for me. Now it's about how I feel.' As she got older, she experienced 'that you get big problems if you don't use your muscles and joints all the time'. She wants to counteract this with training.

She's not concerned with keeping her figure as slim as possible. The desire to 'be bone thin' is 'not good' for either physical or mental health. The partner 'may not like it either because you can hurt your hip bones!' adds the actress.

Jane Fonda's battle with cancer

Jane Fonda announced on Instagram last September that she had been diagnosed with cancer again. Captioning a photo of herself, the two-time Oscar winner wrote: 'I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and have started chemotherapy.'

She was able to end this shortly before her 85th birthday on December 21st. 'Last week I was told by my oncologist that my cancer is in remission and I can go off chemo. I feel so blessed, so happy. Thank you to everyone who has prayed and sent me kind thoughts,' the actress wrote in a post on their website.

It wasn't Jane Fonda's first fight against cancer: In an interview with British 'Vogue' she explained in 2019: 'I've often had cancer. [...] I was a sun worshiper. If I have a day off, I go regularly to my dermatologist and have any conspicuous areas removed by surgery.' In 2018, she had cancerous tissue removed from her lower lip. In 2010, a routine checkup revealed a small tumor in her breast. After an operation, she was considered cured.

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