Jason Momoa surprises with Hawaiian tribal tattoo on his head


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa is also an environmental activist
Jason Momoa surprises his fans with a new tattoo © IMAGO/NurPhoto, IMAGO/Image Press Agency, www.imago-images.de

Jason Momoa (43) surprises his fans with a new tattoo. The Hawaiian shows his close ties to his homeland.

Jason Momoa is proud to be Hawaiian

He posted a clip to Instagram of himself getting ready to board a plane in a bowler hat, tank top and gray pants. He proudly shows off his new tattoo, a tribal pattern he has inked on the left side of his head.

The reason for the posting is a flight to New Zealand. In the video he explains: “Hawaiian Airlines – I'm proud to be Hawaiian, I'm proud to fly with Hawaiian Airlines and the best part is that they're finally flying to New Zealand again; it's been about two years since they were able to fly because of COVID.” He then takes off his hat and makes a declaration of love for the airline and his homeland: “Hawaiian Airlines, I love you for it and I have something special for you.” Then He proudly presents the new tribal pattern tattoo.

The comments hailed compliments and encouragement for the traditional Hawaiian tattoo. One fan writes: 'It looks great!' Another fan writes: 'The roots belong to us, it's great that you make our culture so public.'

hairy message

A week ago, Jason Momoa surprised his 17 million Instagram followers with a new look: He shaved off the long hair on both sides of his head, actually the trademark of the Hawaiian. On Instagram, the 'Aquaman' star also let his fans know why he is making it so public. 'Shave my hair off. Because of single-use plastic.' He also wrote in his post: 'I'm fed up with plastic bottles, we have to stop it. Plastic forks, all that crap.”

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