Jenice was cheated on by her ex! 'Germany's prettiest pop singer' has no luck in love


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Pop singer Jenice
Pop singer Jenice has success in the charts, but bad luck in love. © PR

by Sebastian Tews

Even dream women have to experience real nightmares in love! Newcomer Jenice is considered 'Germany's prettiest pop singer', turning men's (and women's) heads in rows during her performances. But the radiant singer has had a very sad time privately, which she has now processed in her new song 'Engel gegen Teufel'.

'I have trouble trusting'

'The song is about my last love affair, which failed due to infidelity,' says Jenice in an interview with RTL. “In the beginning it was a shock situation for me that I couldn't believe. Since then I've definitely had problems trusting.” How did it all come about? 'I got a couple of calls from women telling me about their experiences with my boyfriend,' says Jenice. 'It's not pretty, but it can happen to any woman. I've always told myself that it's not my character weakness, but that of the other person.'

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'Not easy to meet men'

  Pop singer Jenice
Jenice processes her ex-relationship in her new song 'Angel versus Devil'. © PR

Beautiful Jenice is currently going through life alone. This is not only due to her negative experiences, but also because she currently wants to focus on her music career: 'It's not easy for me to meet new partners,' says Jenice. 'It doesn't happen very often in real life because I don't go out much as I'm already on the road a lot. I don't use Tinder either.' However, she knows exactly what a potential partner should have: 'He should be sporty and have a sense of humor. I like blond men best, but I would also date dark haired ones.”

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