Jennifer Aniston reveals diet secret: THIS is what her everyday life looks like


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jennifer Aniston reveals the diet behind her dream body
Jennifer Aniston reveals her diet: dream body is no coincidence © imago images/PA Images, Doug Peters via,

At 53 years old actress Jennifer Aniston still a body to kneel down. Some people in their mid-twenties envy her perfectly trained stomach, tight thighs and perky buttocks. Of course, it's no coincidence - Jennifer's body is the product of hard work and, above all, great renunciation. What the actress puts on her plate every day would be a challenge even for women with a proven diet. Because that's not much.

Jennifer Aniston: This will end up on her plate in a day

Jen starts her day with a hot lemon and a coffee - naturally sweetened with stevia and skim milk. Then comes breakfast, but unfortunately there is nothing to chew on. A protein shake consisting of various fruits, chocolate-almond milk, chocolate-stevia drops and various dietary supplements is intended to give the 'Friends' star the necessary energy boost for the morning. A few hours later, a hard-boiled egg is said to satiate their mid-morning appetite.

Jennifer Aniston's diet motto is: renunciation and more renunciation

For lunch, Jen likes to eat salad with lentils, cucumber and tuna. 'Maybe with some olive oil,' reveals the 53-year-old to the US magazine 'People' - the emphasis is on 'maybe'. It is already clear: Carbohydrates are a red rag for the actress and this is also reflected in her dinner. Lean chicken with zucchini and pesto. That's it? For the small hunger in between, the beauty 'treats' to a piece of cheese or a soup.

You get hungry just reading it. With this strict diet, Aniston more than earned her bikini body. But we still don't want to swap places with her. Instead of torturing ourselves for Hollywood ideals of beauty, we prefer to enjoy life with all its delights. (lkr)

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