Jennifer Aniston talks about difficult relationship with her parents: 'It poisons you'


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  Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston spoke in an interview about the difficult relationship with her mother - but also about forgiveness. © imago/UPI Photo, imago stock&people

Hollywood-Star Jennifer Aniston (53) would have not a good relationship with her mother . In an interview with Allure magazine, she revealed how much this bothered her and why forgiveness was still so important to her.

Jennifer Aniston didn't want to be like her mother

At the age of nine, Jennifer Aniston experienced something that shaped her life. Her parents separated and her father disappeared completely from family life for almost a year. 'I think her divorce really wrecked my mother,' recalls Jennifer, now one of the most successful actresses, of her childhood and her parents' home. 'Back in that generation, you didn't say, 'Go to therapy, talk to someone.' You go through life crying and picking up your kid from school with no help.' who passed away in 2017. She has gone through two divorces herself. After the separation from her first husband Brad Pitt (58) should she have gone into therapy?

'I have forgiven my mother,' she continues. 'I have forgiven my father. I have forgiven my family.” And this was an extremely important process for the Hollywood star. 'It's poisonous to have that resentment, that anger. I learned this because I saw that my mother never let go of it. I remember saying thank you for showing me what I don't want to be. That's what I mean, you have to take the darker sides of our lives, the not so happy moments and try to find a place to honor what they gave us.'

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Also today Jennifer Aniston works, who tried in vain to become a mother herself , nor parts of her 'that have not healed since childhood.'

However, her parents' divorce also gave her the impetus to leave the nest. 'My house wasn't a particularly fun place to live,' she says of her family's New York City apartment. 'I really wanted to get out of there.' That eventually led her to her acting career and her role on Friends... (peace)

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