Jenny Elvers reveals son Paul's sweet secret: he has a girlfriend!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Alex Jolig, Jenny Elvers and Paul Jolig at the Late Night Shopping Event on September 23, 2022 in the AEZ Alstertal shopping center in Hamburg
Jenny Elvers with ex-partner Alex Jolig and son Paul Jolig © IMAGO/APress, IMAGO,

actress Jenny Elvers (50) shone on Saturday, September 23, 2022 at the Late Night Shopping event at the Alstertal shopping center. Both her were part of the party Son Paul (21) and her ex-partner Alex Jolig (59) and his wife Britt (55), with whom Jenny has a good relationship. And one more person was part of the family gathering, albeit not on the red carpet: Paul's girlfriend!

Son Paul is now grown up

It has long been known that Jenny and her ex Alex have a good relationship and her family constellation works wonderfully. Jenny even said in an interview to the news portal 'TAG24' that the current wife Britt is her 'best friend'. She and her son Paul also presented themselves in a happy atmosphere at the weekend for 'Late Night Shopping' in the Alstertal shopping center (AEZ).

The 21-year-old Paul, who has now grown up, is said to have been accompanied – even if she did not show up on the red carpet. 'We keep them completely out of the public eye,' revealed Jenny about her son's girlfriend. He now goes his own way, has even founded his own company and works as a real estate agent.

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Jenny is happy with her single life

According to her own statements, the actress herself is currently enjoying her single life and travels a lot. After a visit to the Oktoberfest and a weekend in Hamburg, the next thing to do is work in Mallorca. Jenny has not yet revealed what exactly is planned there. After this End of her last relationship with Marc Terenzi (44) she enjoys her freedom, but also goes on dates again.

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