Jeremy Fragrance shows off the increase in followers after the 'Celebrity Big Brother' excerpt


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 Jeremy Fragrance celebrates"PBB"-Auszug selbst auf Instagram
Jeremy Fragrance has greatly increased its popularity through 'Celebrity Big Brother'. © Sat.1/Marc Rehbeck, SpotOn

After his sensational departure from 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Jeremy Fragrance (33) can now be seen online again. The fragrance influencer has been extremely active on Instagram since he left the show and has a lot to say.

Jeremy Fragrance: Highly motivated after breaking out of TV jail

Since his participation in 'Celebrity Big Brother' Jeremy Fragrance seems unstoppable! He left the show voluntarily , but since then has enjoyed a steadily growing number of followers, which he follows like a countdown in reverse in his story. And so that his new fans get enough food, the 33-year-old is constantly posting new videos and photos – and almost seems to flood Instagram with it.

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On November 24, 2022, he published a total of eight postings in around eight hours: starting with his first fan, with whom he wandered shirtless through a hotel corridor, to victory poses and postings, to advertising for his perfume: the eccentric crowd favorite seems to be highly motivated and knowing no end.

His number of followers is constantly growing

No wonder: in a post he is happy about the increase in his number of more than 60,000 new followers in the last few days. 'For comparison, other candidates had a growth of about 2-3k in this time,' Jeremy celebrates his success. In another video, he delights in the fact that 'Celebrity Big Brother' is said to have been jokingly referred to as the 'Jeremy Fragrance Show' in a press release, then delights in his own gifs and urges his fans: 'Use the gifs, People!'

So far he has been doing well with his self-promotion, the followers support his self-confidence with the most comments, call him 'Number One' or 'Main Character' and announce that they will no longer watch 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

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