Jeremy Renner: Dramatic 911 call released


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 Jeremy Renner: Dramatic 911 call released
Jeremy Renner gave the all-clear from his sick bed a few days after the accident. © imago/ZUMA Press, SpotOn

Run over by a snow plow

There are disturbing audio recordings that the US portal 'TMZ' is now distributing. They document the dramatic moments after the serious accident involving Marvel star Jeremy Renner (52), who was run over by a snow plow on New Year's Day. In the recording of the emergency call that has now been published, Renner's neighbor tries to explain Renner's serious injuries to the employee on the phone. Renner moaning in pain can be heard in the background.

In a trembling voice, the neighbor says that Renner was 'crushed by a snowplough'. He has 'damage to his ribs, chest, torso and head. There is 'a lot of blood' that also comes from the head, the neighbor reports. He also explains that Renner is lying on the ground in front of her house and whose breaths are getting shorter and he desperately asks for immediate help.

The entire audio document is said to last around 15 minutes, but only an excerpt of around two minutes has been published so far. According to the report, Renner was fully conscious the entire time, but had extreme difficulty breathing. Renner has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at his home in the Nevada mountains.

Jeremy Renner: That's exactly what happened in the accident

The 52-year-old was seriously injured in the accident at the beginning of the year. The sheriff's office later said Renner was run over by his own snow cat on New Year's Day on his mountainside property a few miles from Lake Tahoe. He is said to have previously tried to free a family member's car that got stuck after a heavy snowstorm.

When he noticed that the seven-ton vehicle had started to roll when he had briefly got out, Renner is said to have tried to jump back in. According to the sheriff, that's when the actor was pulled over and suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. Due to the previous snowstorm, the emergency services had trouble getting to the scene of the accident. The star could only be flown to the hospital by helicopter and operated on there about an hour after the emergency call.

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