Jessica Haller: Body shaming alert! Followers find Jessica Haller's new body too unfeminine


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Jessica Haller not only gets compliments for her well-trained body.
Jessica Haller not only gets compliments for her well-trained body. © Jessica Haller, Instagram

She pulled it off and rightly celebrates her success: Jessica Haller had planned to get really fit again in 2022. On Instagram, at the turn of the year, she proudly looks at what is worth seeing result of their 70-day challenge . But the well-toned body of the 32-year-old is not well received by all of her followers.

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Followers find Jessica Haller's new body too unfeminine

Rock hard abs and perfectly defined upper arms and legs. Jessica Haller is starting the new year super fit. On Instagram, she posts a video compilation that shows how much her body has changed. Jessica not only trained diligently in a fixed period of time, but also ate healthily and consciously. With her Instagram post, she wants to motivate herself to complete a 70-day challenge in 2023 as well.

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Many of her followers celebrate Jessica's success and are enthusiastic about her amazing body. But among all the compliments there is also criticism. 'Too unfeminine for my taste', 'Looks anything but healthy', 'The soft feminine features give way to the male contours' or 'Is somehow totally masculine. She loses her femininity with it, 'are just some of the many negative comments on Jessica's video.

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  Johannes Haller shows a before and after comparison

'Jessica... that's not real!'

But it's not just Jessica's supposedly 'male' body that's being criticized. Many of their followers complain that this 70-day challenge can hardly be implemented in normal everyday life. 'What woman wouldn't want to look like that. I only notice from such posts that Instagram is a lot of appearances and ‘glitter world’. So unrealistic, so inauthentic, so artificial, so not at all in accordance with a 'normal everyday life'. If you have a 40-hour week, child, house (NO housemaid, NO babysitter, NO gardener!!!!!) and and and... and no matter how hard I try, I simply don't have the time,' writes a follower .

Another fan agrees: 'I'm just wondering what she does for a living? Thousands of working moms certainly don't have the time to hit the gym every day.' 'Jessica...this isn't real. Working women, working full-time, children, house, without a nanny... sorry', another female fan sums up the general displeasure.

As proud and happy as Jessica looks in her video, the body shaming and the criticism may go past her (perfectly fit) buttocks and she is just happy about the 22,000 likes that her video got in less than 24 hours. (csp)

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