Jessica Haller's daughter Hailey-Su is happy in the hippie kindergarten!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Hailey-Su's first day at hippie kindergarten!

Big step for the little one hailey-su (1)! The daughter of Jessica (32) and Johannes Haller (35) has her first day in kindergarten. And that's a very special one: Little Hailey visits a hippie kindergarten in Ibiza. An absolutely right decision, believes Jessica Haller, who is simply enthusiastic about the atmosphere.

Jessica Haller is enthusiastic: 'Totally spiritual and the educators totally warm-hearted, calm'

'This kindergarten is just DIFFERENT,' enthuses the ex-Bachelorette on Instagram. “Because Hailey ended up in a hippie kindergarten. Just as you know Ibiza: totally spiritual and the educators totally warm-hearted, calm.”

In her Instagram story she also shows the extraordinary entrance: A small forest path should lead to the children's paradise. In front of it is a sign with the word 'freedom' - just like hippies! The video above shows what it looks like.

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'I can hear Hailey totally laughing and looking forward right now'

“You can feel an energy here that you can't even imagine. It's been a long time since I've seen something beautiful like this,' says Jessica. She had actually argued with herself whether she should send her daughter to kindergarten at just under two years old. Now it turns out that the decision was probably spot on. 'I can hear Hailey totally laughing and looking forward right now. I spent the first half hour with her and she didn't even realize I left,' Jessica said.

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"Das wird es in dieser Form nie wieder geben"

That this is not a matter of course, had to Hailey and her mom painfully cope just a few months ago . The hippie kindergarten is her second attempt. After many tears, Jessica ended Hailey-Su's previous daycare settling-in in November 2022. At that time, neither mom nor daughter really made friends. It's obviously different now.

So hippie seems to make Hailey really happy! (rla)

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