Joelina Drews makes a declaration of love to her dad when he leaves


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  Jürgen Drews and daughter Joelina Drews recording the ARD broadcast"Zum allerletzten Mal:Der Grosse Schlagerabschied" in der Media City in Leipzig am 22.10.2022
Jürgen Drews and daughter Joelina Drews during the recording of the ARD show 'Zum very last Mal:Der Grosse Schlagerabschied' in Media City in Leipzig on October 22, 2022 © action press, ActionPress, bg

On Saturday evening (January 14) it will finally be “ The big hit farewell ' from Jurgen Drews (77) aired. For the show, the 'King of Mallorca' was on the big stage for the last time - Of course, daughter Joelina couldn't be missing either . On Instagram, the 27-year-old singer now remembers the emotional moment and dedicates heartfelt words to her dad.

For the very last time: The big hit farewell!

Schlager legend Jürgen Drews announced his final career end in mid-2022. Now the 77-year-old can be celebrated again. To this end dedicates to him Musician colleague Florian Silbereisen (41) has his own TV show in the first and ORF2: ' For the very last time: The big hit farewell! '

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As part of the farewell show recorded in October, Jürgen and Joelina have an emotional father-daughter duet. This still seems to be completely overwhelmed by the last joint appearance. 'It's not easy for me to put into words how enriching you were, are and always will be - not only for me - but for so many people and generations! Your career and your life's work is extraordinary and I admire you for it and take my hat off to you, 'she begins her declaration of love on Instagram.

“You are a role model for all of us and especially for me”

Joelina is very proud of her dad and calls him a 'pioneer for an entire genre of music' who 'paved the way' for numerous artists. Even setbacks were no obstacle for Jürgen. The Schlager star got up again and again. 'You went your way with strength, bravery, ambition, loyalty and were always kind and grateful to your fans and colleagues. You are a role model for all of us and especially for me,' said the 27-year-old.

In the video: Jürgen Drews gives his very last concert

  Jürgen Drews gives his very last concert

'This is your life's work and you deserve it'

'I hope to be able to do the same for you one day, because if people ever start talking about me like that, then I've achieved everything I set out to achieve,' continues Joelina. With her own singing career, she tries to follow in the footsteps of her famous father . The last joint appearance seems to have been particularly formative: 'I am grateful to be able to call such a unique, extraordinary person my father and that I was able to share the stage with you one last time and also show this memory to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren can.'

She ends her tribute with words that go straight to the heart: 'Dad, I love you with all my heart! This is your life's work and you deserve it! I admire you forever!”

The fans of the dad-daughter duo can't stop raving about the post. With her lines, Joelina seems to have given her community goosebumps. (ean)

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