Johannes B. Kerner: Body shaming against Cathy Hummels? ZDF is said to have cut out the scene


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Mimi Fiedler jumps into the breach for Cathy Hummels – because of an alleged comment by Johannes B. Kerner.
Mimi Fiedler jumps into the breach for Cathy Hummels – because of an alleged comment by Johannes B. Kerner. © picture alliance

Her video made a big impact: Actress Mimi Fiedler (47) accused moderator Johannes B. Kerner (57) of body shaming on Instagram. As the laudator of the German Television Award, he is said to have made an insulting comment on the very slim figure of von Award winner Cathy Hummels’ (34) have made. However, this comment was not broadcast. Was the scene cut out because ZDF also thought it was inappropriate? At the request of, the broadcaster now comments on this.

ZDF confirms 'abridged' broadcast of the award ceremony

' that Cathy Hummels gets something to eat', those are said to have been the words that Johannes B. Kerner according to Mimi Fiedler, used at the television prize to interrupt a prizewinner's speech, which was becoming too long. This comment was not shown when the award ceremony was broadcast. In a statement on request, ZDF now wrote:

“As usual, the award ceremony was broadcast in an abbreviated form. The cuts primarily affected positions related to award presentations – including a presentation in which Johannes B. Kerner appeared as a laudator.”

This is how Johannes B. Kerner reacted

Mimi Fiedler described the alleged incident as 'the finest body shaming, bullying,' as she revealed to her fans on Instagram. 'I could have stood up and said, 'Shut up!' I should have told him, 'Shut up, Johannes!''

The 'Night Sisters' star posted the clip with her allegations about two months after the actual incident because Mimi's fans wanted to know how her friendship with Cathy Hummels came about.

Johannes B. Kerner apologized to Cathy Hummels

Johannes B. Kerner is said to have apologized to Cathy shortly after the incident. She also accepted the apology. Kerner has now also contacted Mimi Fiedler, the actress announced today (November 11) in a new video . 'Very polite, very respectful as we know him, usually,' Fiedler said. The matter had been clarified with Cathy and he had noticed himself that the comment was not correct. Nevertheless, Mimi Fiedler does not want to delete her post for the time being.

Johannes B. Kerner and Cathy Hummels have not yet commented on the incident. (peace)

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