Judgment in the Pocher burglary process: Amira Pocher gives goosebumps with her statement


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  charity gala. Oliver and Amira Pocher on the occasion of the charity gala on October 29th, 2022 Dolce Hotel Bad Nauheim. 20090101MWI50678 *** Charity Gala Oliver and Amira Pocher on the occasion of the Charity Gala on 29 10 2022 Dolce Hotel Bad Nauheim 20090101MWI506
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by Valerio Magno and Denise Gazweiler

Morning in court for Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (44) - but not because they are accused themselves. You are summoned as a witness. On January 25, 2023, the Cologne District Court will be dealing with one Horror burglary in January 2022 - while they were in the house ! The celebrity couple lived for a while in the house of friend Pietro Lombardi (30). When Olli and Amira put the children to bed, they were insidiously robbed. A 30-year-old man must now answer in court for the crime. The Pochers appear in person. And above all, Amira's statement gives goosebumps in the courtroom.

Panic! Amira Pocher has to retell the night of horror during the trial

  25 January 2023, North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne: Oliver and Amira Pocher (M) come to the district court in Cologne. In a trial about a burglary, the prominent television couple is expected to take the witness stand at the Cologne district court. Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa
Oliver and Amira Pocher as witnesses in court © dpa, Federico Gambarini, fg

'I guess he was watching us. That was a five minute slot. The kids were downstairs, the nannies were just getting the kids ready downstairs, and then he must have seen his chance... bang bang,' recalled Amira on the witness stand. The burglary had serious long-term consequences for her: 'It's really the worst. I get totally paranoid at every sound.” So the family upgraded their home and installed an alarm system. Amira describes: 'There are two cameras in every child's room.'

But the shock is still deep with Amira: 'It was so scary. I thought: is the person still in the house? Who is this? Is it dangerous? Is he armed? Our children were one and two years old and didn't notice anything. I was really panicking!”

And the accused? He looked down at Amira's statement. There is no reaction for our court reporter team.

The suspect had stolen valuables, including a high-value Amira watch: “I miss the Rolex a lot. A day date yellow gold. It cost 25,000 euros and had a market value of 29,000 euros.”

Pocher burglar pushes his allegedly sick child

You can feel the tension in the hall during Amira's statement. And suddenly the accused shows remorse! 'I want to apologize to you and your husband. Don't believe me now. I had no money and a sick child.” Amira, who herself is a mother of two boys, then replies: “All the best for your child.”

After about two and a half hours, the verdict falls: the man gets one year and six months without probation – the arrest warrant remains!

'I think it's basically a good thing that someone has been caught. And given that he's confessed, he was even the right one. That's the only positive, to be honest,' explains Oliver Pocher after the negotiation in the RTL interview. Amira later commented in an Instagram story: 'It was really weird to sit in front of this person, but he was totally confessed.'

This happened in January 2022 at Pietro Lombardi's house

  There was a break-in at Amira and Olli Pocher

Amira and Oliver Pocher moved into Pietro Lombardi's house in 2021, because her own villa was affected by the flood disaster in West Germany and had to be renovated . And then the burglary shock!

In their podcast 'Die Pochers hier!' the celebrity couple said: 'Someone or more climbed up the garage, in through the window while we were at home.' At first the Pochers didn't notice anything: 'Only when I was ready for bed did,' Amira recalled in the podcast episode and added: 'Then I just see my jewelry boxes lying empty on the bed.'

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