Judith Rakers mourns her 'little Luzi'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Judith Rakers mourns the loss of her beloved cat Luzi.
Judith Rakers spent much of her life with her beloved cat Luzi. © Instagram, /judith_rakers

Losing a beloved pet is a particularly difficult fate. If the animal has accompanied a large part of your own life, even more so. Judith Rakers (47) had to say goodbye to her beloved cat 'Luzi' a few days ago and has now found a way to put the meaning of her fluffy companion into touching words.

Half a life together

First, Judith uploaded a video to Instagram: You can see the moment when the then 28-year-old holds her two young kittens Luzi and Leni in her arms. Cat Luzi died in the same arms on Friday (January 13). 'She turned 19 and ended up being terminally ill,' the presenter later explains to her followers in a separate post - full of sadness at the loss she has suffered. 'If you've never had a pet, you might not understand it,' she writes. 'But they become a part of us when we love them.'

On Instagram, Judith takes her almost 250,000 followers into her life as a cat and chicken mom and as a hobby farmer in her own greenhouse. Also there is the cat Luzi, who has experienced so much in the life of her human mother. 'So much has happened in my life in the last 19 years: moving, TV career, marriage, divorce , new happiness on the small farm - and Luzi was always by my side. Comforted me, made me laugh and gave me love.” Pets, loyal companions through thick and thin – also for the 47-year-old, who shared “half a life” with her cat.

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Forever in the hearts

The emotional lines follow two days after her Luzi passed away. 'Her little body was full of sores,' Judith writes. She could no longer eat, lost blood and became thinner and thinner, she sadly describes the last days of her companion. 'To the last she tried to purr whenever she saw me.'

Just a week earlier, Judith celebrated her 47th birthday. For a photo with one of her cats, she wrote on Instagram on January 6: 'For my 47th birthday, I wish that everything stays so beautiful on the small farm: so fluffy, so delicious and so full of love.' But life took a different route. Just seven days later, the popular presenter mourns the loss of her important life support: 'A lot of fluff, a lot of love also means opening your heart and then it sometimes hurts a lot.' She misses her Luzi 'so much'. Only in April did she tragically have to say goodbye to her cat Juri. He was bitten to death by a neighbor's dog . What Judith is left with now is the memory of so many moments together and life phases that they have experienced since Judith was 28. Almost half a lifetime. (vne)

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