Judith Rakers: 'Tagesschau' spokeswoman surprised with short hair


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 This is how presenter Judith Rakers with long hair is known.
Presenter Judith Rakers here with long hair. © dpa, Jens Kalaene, jka alf

Judith Rakers (47) has been known for years with long, straight hair. But now the moderator seemed to want a type change and had her blonde mane shortened at the hairdresser's.

After years, Judith Rakers has decided on a new look

 Judtih Rakers now wears her hair shoulder length.
Judtih Rakers has had her long mane shortened. © Imago/Future Image

It's unbelievable what a difference a few centimeters can make. Judith Rakers has now surprised her viewers when she suddenly presented herself with a completely new look on her news program. Although the hair color has remained the same and she still has the parting on the same side, the hair length had to accept the makeover. Instead of her long blonde mane, the 47-year-old now wears a short haircut, with her hair just touching her shoulders.

Not everyone finds Raker's new look successful

However, opinions on her new look differ. 'Really fast, the new hairstyle,' is one of the positive comments on Twitter. Others, however, cannot really make friends with the new short haircut. 'What happened to Judith Rakers? This type change is not beneficial,” writes one user. Another is even clearer with his opinion: 'Who advised her to have her beautiful hair cut? Real assault.”

Judith Rakers herself wanted nothing to do with such a hairstyle for years. In an interview with 'radio SAW' in 2017, the moderator revealed that at the beginning of her career at the 'Tagesschau' she was even advised to have her hair cut. 'It was even suggested to me at the very beginning to cut my hair because it looked more serious,' she revealed in an interview at the time. A few years later, for whatever reason, Judith seems to have changed her mind ( um ).

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