Julian Claßen's friend Tanja Makarić: That's why she deletes almost all social media channels


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Entertainment Pictures of the day Julian Classen with girlfriend Tanja Makaric at kinderTag 2022 at Radialsystem V in Berlin on September 20th, 2022 *** Julian Classen with girlfriend Tanja Makaric at kinderTag 2022 at Radialsystem V in Berlin on September 20th, 2022
Julian Classen with his friend Tanja Makarić at the KinderTag 2022 in Berlin. © IMAGO/Gartner, www.imago-images.de

Tanja Makarić (25) became famous across Germany almost overnight – and that through her boyfriend Julian Claßen (29). Ever since it became known that the professional swimmer was dating the YouTube star, her community has exploded. While not even 1,000 people followed her before the relationship, there are now a proud 683,000 on Instagram alone. What sounds like an absolute jackpot to many also has its downsides - and that's exactly why Tanja has now pulled the ripcord.

Tanja Makarić: 'I had panic attacks, couldn't sleep anymore'

Due to the sudden fame, Tanja quickly came into contact with the first haters. After a fan photo of her circulated on social networks, where she looks very different than the snapshots she published, it started. 'Then things like, 'You ugly bitch' and 'We're going to kill you' came along. Just because I looked different than in other pictures,' she says in the podcast ' The sneak and the know-it-all “ by Julian and his sister Bianca on RTL Plus Musik. You would have wished your family dead too.

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In addition, there were numerous rumors that suddenly made the rounds about Tanja and made the situation even worse. 'I think everyone just wanted to go viral and that's why people just made things up,' she explains: 'I can't understand why people are so disgusting.' In addition to the hate, fans would also have in front of their house in the middle of the night confessed - sometimes she was even afraid that they could break in and do something to her: 'At some point you'll get to the point where you're unhappy. I had panic attacks, couldn't sleep anymore.'

Julian Claßen's girlfriend pulls the ripcord

TikTok is actually the worst platform of all – and Tanja then just made short work of it. 'I deleted this three months ago. At some point in July I said: 'I can't do it anymore.' I go on TikTok and see something of myself again, which sucks, why I use filters... Everything I do is questioned,' she describes the situation. She is also no longer on Facebook and Snapchat. Only her Instagram profile is active, but she doesn't read everything there either.

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  Julian Claßen and Tanja Makaric kissing

Suddenly being in the public eye has affected Tanja Makarić

In the podcast, Tanja also remembers the early days when she and Julian were just get to know each other Fans and the press quickly got the message that the ex of Bibi Claßen after the separation dating again and so the couple was even ambushed one night at the airport. 'I felt so disgusting. It really wasn't a nice feeling,” Tanja recalls. Suddenly being photographed and filmed like that would have really upset her: 'I paid attention to everything I did... How I breathe, how I stand, where I look. At one point I was just angry.”

She would have liked to keep the relationship private for a while longer – because being followed at every turn is not easy. 'It was bad for my psyche,' says Tanja. Even Julian, who is actually used to it, summarizes: 'It was very stressful.' In the meantime, the athlete has gotten used to the new situation and knows how to deal with it. And the net hate is also flattening out more and more. (dga)

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