Jungle camp: affair with Peter Klein? Even Yvonne Woelke's husband doubts her loyalty


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Yvonne Woelke hardly ever leaves her hotel room

What marital drama! The allegations of cheating on Lucas Cordalis' jungle companion Peter Klein are spreading. Peter's wife Iris publicly accuses him of having an affair with Djamila Rowe's jungle companion Yvonne Woelke at the Hotel Versace. The two accused eagerly deny. But now Yvonne Woelke's husband also doubts his wife's loyalty. In the video above, she describes the consequences of the rumors for Yvonne's marriage.

  Peter Klein is sticking to his relationship with his Iris.
Peter Klein sticks to his relationship with his Iris, but she continues to shoot on Instagram. © Instagram/ peterklein_official

Yvonne Woelke: 'I hope he knows that I love him!'

Yvonne Woelke didn't really want to talk about her private life. But she has changed her mind now – and she blames it on Iris Klein. She claimed on Instagram that Yvonne had something with Iris' husband Peter Klein.

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After these clear allegations of cheating, Yvonne feels compelled to also speak publicly and says: The actress has been married to her husband for six years, so far happily. But now the allegations of adultery are in the room and are no longer only a burden on Peter and Iris' marriage, but also on Yvonne's relationship:

“Even my husband is having doubts now. He also trusted me the whole time up to the last minute.”

And every day there are new rumours, new statements. This is a tough test for a marriage and increases Yvonne's husband's doubts. He wonders what's up with the rumors that something happened at the Hotel Versace in Australia between his Yvonne and Peter Klein, Lucas Cordalis' father-in-law and jungle companion. Yvonne quotes a message from her husband: ''Are you sure? Is there really nothing to it?' Of course you doubt it. I would also doubt.”

  What Iris Klein Yvonne Woelke wrote

Yvonne Woelke is supported from all sides

Many celebrities who know one side or the other of the brawlers have already commented on Iris Klein's allegations.

Nude model Micaela Schäfer has been good friends with model Yvonne Woelke for years. Micaela is sure: 'I know that nothing went wrong there.'

Ex-jungle camper Julian F. M. Stoeckel, who also lives in the Hotel Versace and sends the jungle camp podcast from there, finds clear words and takes sides for Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke. Julian is sure he would have noticed if something had happened.

  Yvonne Woelke (l-r), Micaela Schaefer and Janina Youssefian pose during the 65th International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, 08 February 2015 at the Lausbuben Films gala event at the Hotel Sofitel on Gendarmenmarkt. Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa +++(c) dpa - Image
Yvonne Woelke and Micaela Schäfer have been good friends for years. © ZB, Jens Kalaene

Wouldn't a discussion between Yvonne Woelke and Iris Klein finally be appropriate? Mh, it doesn't look like we should hold our breath while we wait. Iris Klein, who started the whole story with the allegations of cheating on her husband, continues to fume on Instagram and has blocked Yvonne. The signs are probably not pointing to reconciliation at first

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