'Juno' actor Elliot Page is 'grateful to be here - and alive'


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  Actor Elliot Page stands on the red carpet at the Oscars and looks neutrally into the cameras.
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  • Elliot Page opens up about his transition to becoming a trans man
  • Britney Spears and mom Lynne: First meeting in years
  • Shakira is his 'Mission Impossible'! She turns down Tom Cruise
  • Gwen Stefani dares the before and after comparison
  • Presley twins graduate from high school without their mother, Lisa Marie

May 26: Elliot Page is 'grateful to be here — and alive'

2020 comes out Elliot Page (36) as Transgender. In his memoirs, due out in June 2023 , the “Juno” actor writes about his career as a celebrated child star, his Oscar nomination and his present-day self, a proud trans man. On Instagram, Page keeps sharing photos showing his post-gender reassignment body .

Today, the Umbrella Academy star is 'grateful to be here' — but he must also be grateful to be 'alive.' He reports in an interview with the US magazine 'People'. Although his 'experience as a trans person and the life I lead' is privileged and does not represent the 'reality of most trans lives'. Still, Page notes, 'I think it's crucial that we feel represented and see ourselves, which I didn't have as a kid.'

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“The reality is that transgender people are disproportionately unemployed, disproportionately homeless. Black trans women are being murdered,” Page said in an interview. “Of course there were also very difficult moments. I feel like I just barely made it in a lot of ways.' 'But today I'm just being myself and grateful that I'm here and alive and taking one step at a time.'

May 25: Big reconciliation between Britney Spears and her mother?

They haven't been in touch for years - is the big reconciliation coming to the Spears family now? There was a reunion between Britney Spears (41) and her mother Lynne Spears (68): The pop icon's mother flew to Los Angeles this week – and Britney even received Lynne in her home.

After years of family troubles and public mud fights Britney was finally able to hug her mother again. As the US magazine TMZ reports, they are said to have talked for a few minutes before their mother left the house. Lynne Spears has publicly apologized to her daughter for 13 years of guardianship. According to TMZ, Mama Spears is 'determined to make things right with her daughter.'

In the video: reconciliation course? Britney Spears invites her mother over for coffee

  Britney Spears invites her mother over for coffee

May 24: Ouch! Shakira turns down Tom Cruise

After Shakira (46) and Tom Cruise (60) were spotted together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami on May 7th , the rumor mill churned. The two could have become THE new dream couple – at least when it comes to the actor. As reported by The Mirror, the Top Gun star is 'extremely interested in dating Shakira.'

She, in turn, seems to have catapulted him into her friend zone without further ado! She 'begged him to stop flirting,' writes the British website, citing insider statements to Heat Magazine. The singer is 'not interested' in dating Tom Cruise. 'She doesn't want to embarrass him, but there's no attraction or romance on her part - she was just friendly. She's flattered but not interested,' the source explains in reference to their Formula 1 meeting.

After her separation from Gerard Piqué (36) her family around her two sons is Shakira's number one priority. This is definitely tough stuff for the heartthrob – and she is his very personal “Mission Impossible”.

In the video: photo proof! Shakira is already dating the next celebrity

  Shakira spotted having dinner with Lewis Hamilton

May 23: Gwen Stefani dares to compare herself to her young self – and wins

singer Gwen Stefani (53) has scrolled far back in the photo album and delights her Instagram followers with a snapshot from her youth. Such a before and after comparison can go wrong, because we are all powerless against aging. Everyone - except Gwen, it seems.

Although the 53-year-old does not write HOW young she is in the black and white photo she posted – but in a direct comparison between her young self and her current self, it stands out: Gwen looks young and crisp in both pictures. Only the eyebrows reveal that the Instagram picture is an older recording. 'Typical 90s eyebrows', a follower amused himself - rightly - in the comments.

May 22: Lisa Marie Presley's (†) twins have to celebrate a milestone without a mom

Your mom would have been very proud: Finley Aaron and Harper Vivienne Lockwood, the 14-year-old twin daughters of Lisa Marie Presley, who died January 12 , were now allowed to celebrate their middle school graduation. It was certainly a happy day for the teenagers, but it was also a sad day because their mother was unable to be there for this academic milestone.

Instead, grandmother Priscilla Presley (77) and Michael Lockwood, the girls' father, attended the school celebration. Step-sister Riley Keough didn't come. She was recently involved in a heated inheritance dispute with Grandma Priscilla, which the two have just settled.

What is immediately noticeable when looking at the photos: Finley looks like her mother Lisa Marie'.

  Lisa Marie Presley's daughter Finley looks like her mom.
Lisa Marie Presley's daughter Finley looks like her mom. © Actionpress & picture alliance

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