Jürgen Drews describes an embarrassing moment with 'mountain doctor' Hans Sigl


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Stars can also be fans of other celebrities - Jürgen Drew is now talking about his fan moment.
Unpleasant! Pop star Jürgen Drews (77) talks about his embarrassing fan moment with 'Bergdoktor' Hans Sigl © IMAGO/Bildagentur Monn, IMAGO/ervin monn, www.imago-images.de

Can stars also be fans? But of course - at least that's what it was now Pop star Jürgen Drews (77) under Evidence. The 77-year-old is enthusiastic about the series “Der Bergdoktor” and is now revealing his own embarrassing fan moment with the main actor Hans Sigl (53) …

Jürgen Drews on fan moment with Hans Sigl: 'I found myself so stupid at the moment'

Pop star Jürgen Drews actually likes to be in the limelight himself. But even a stage pig like Drews sometimes prefers a place in the ranks of the fans: the hit star loves the ZDF series 'Der Bergdoktor' . In his podcast 'JÜRGEN DREWS: The king's new podcast', the 77-year-old now talks about his embarrassing encounter with the main actor of the series, His Seal , from: “I saw him getting up and about to leave. So I – I don't even know what got into me – got off the stage, ran after him and shouted 'Hello, hello'.” As the hit star His Seal revealed his enthusiasm for the 'mountain doctor', the main actor's reaction seemed to be rather meager. Totally understandable for Jürgen Drews: 'I found myself so stupid at the moment.'

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Schlager icon Drews still remembers the exact words with which he attacked Hans Sigl: 'I have to tell you one thing: It's ok that you always drive the same car. But it's always clean. And my father was also a doctor and drove all over the place - like you do on this show. But he often had a dirty car.'

In the end, not a really good idea: 'I was really embarrassed afterwards,' admits Jürgen Drews in the podcast. For him it is clear: If he comes across Hans Sigl again, a big apology is due.

Jürgen Drews says goodbye to the stage

  So emotional war"Der große Schlagerabschied" von Jürgen Drews
Joelina Drews with father Jürgen Drews at the 'big hit farewell'. © imago images/STAR-MEDIA, SpotOn

After this little embarrassment, Jürgen Drews can now concentrate on 'being a fan'. Because after more than 60 years in the limelight, the Schlager icon has 'big hit farewell' Farewell to the stage taken. Who knows, maybe you'll soon see the star more often in the rows of fans.

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