Jürgen Drews: 'I will always be the 'King of Mallorca''


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  Jürgen Drews: 'I will always be the'König von Mallorca' bleiben"
Jürgen Drews releases a best-of album. © Moritz Kuenster / Electrola/Universal, SpotOn

Best-of album is released

Pop star Jürgen Drews (77) says goodbye to his fans with the TV show 'Der Große Schlagerabschied' (January 14, 8:15 p.m., the first). The program was already recorded on October 22nd in the Media City Atelier in Leipzig. In an interview with spot on news, the native of Brandenburg and later 'King of Mallorca' looks back on this emotional appointment, which of course also included his wife Ramona (49) and daughter Joelina Drews (27). He also tells what the best-of album 'Geil war's... Danke Jürgen!', which was released on Friday (13.1.), is all about.

For the 'big hit farewell' you were on stage for the last time. How emotional was the evening for you?

Jürgen Drews: That was a very emotional evening for me. But also for Ramona and Joelina. I've had to swallow quite a few times and have shed a few tears.

The show will feature a duet with her daughter Joelina and her wife Ramona was also there. What did that mean to you?

Drews: That was very, very important to me. I'm just nothing without Ramona. She is my rock in the surf. I really wanted her by my side. And also Joelina. I wished for that.

At Florian Silbereisen's (41) show 'The big hit beach party 2022 – it starts again!' you announced your career end. Now he also takes over the moderation of your 'hit farewell'. What connects you two?

Drews: Florian Silbereisen and I have a very friendly relationship. He's a great person and I like him a lot. We went on a big tour together twice and experienced a lot together. It was also him who told me that it would be great if he could celebrate me again with a farewell show. My plan was always to just disappear like that. I was very happy to do it for him and it was just great and an honor for me that he moderated this show. We like us very much.

With 'It was awesome... Thank you Jürgen!' a new best-of album will also be released on Friday. It includes many of your greatest hits. How do you look back on your career?

Drews: The album 'It was awesome... Thank you Jürgen!' is in fact a kind of best-of album. Additionally with a few bonus titles. This album is like a thank you from my label Electrola (Universal), which I was very happy about. I look back on my career with great pleasure. Nothing was ever planned for me. Everything always happened somehow. And looking back, I can truly say, 'It was all for the best'. This is also the name of my book, which was published in 2015, in which I report in detail on everything that has happened to me.

How difficult is it for you to say goodbye to the stage and to music in general?

Drews: I leave with a laugh and of course a cry in my eye. The laughing predominates. My life has been completely in the fast lane for many years. This deceleration is good for me. I really enjoy the time at home and completely without time pressure.

Will your hit colleague Mickie Krause (52) now be the new 'King of Mallorca' or what should happen with the title?

Drews: I think I'll always be the 'King of Mallorca', at least at heart. If there were to be a successor at all, then for me it would definitely be my friend Mickie Krause.

What do you have planned for your retirement? Have you already found a new hobby?

Drews: No, I don't have a new hobby. I simply enjoy not having to rush from one appointment to the next, I can get on with the day and am happy to finally be able to do things that I otherwise had no time for. Ramona and I can go on spontaneous trips, go for coffee or just watch TV. That's great.

In 2021 you made it public that you suffer from polyneuropathy, a nervous disease. How is your health at the moment?

Drews: I'm doing very well. I have no pain and feel good. That's the most important.

What are your hopes for the future?

Drews: I wish to live healthy and happy with Ramona for many, many more years to come.

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