Jürgen Drews makes a romantic confession to his Ramona at the stage farewell


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jürgen Drews makes a confession to his Ramona

by Markus Peggen, Konstantin Müller and Vincent Nellessen

Ah, how beautiful this love must be! In an exclusive RTL interview about his upcoming hit career Jurgen Drews (77) about his life, his future plans and the gift of God that he received in his wife Ramona (49) found more than three decades ago. You can see how sparks still fly between the two after 31 years together in our video above.

An extraordinary love story

Those looks can't lie. When Ramona Drews listens to her Jürgen speak, it becomes very clear: the bond between the spouses could not be stronger! She puts her arm around her husband and kisses him, while Jürgen talks to RTL shortly before his farewell appearance on Saturday (January 14) with Florian Silbereisen (41). 'You are my very great love,' it drives the lover ' King of Mallorca “ out there. And Ramona? She can't help but agree with her loved one: 'You mean too!'

The two have been together since 1991. Three years later they celebrated their wedding in Mauritius. They crowned this love, which has lasted for three decades, in 1995 with their child, Daughter Joelina (27). An extraordinary love story . Also in her husband's upcoming Schlager pension Ramona would like to support her Jürgen . 'I'm glad I got to know you,' he whispers.

The exceptional career of Jürgen Drews

50 years after the release of his first song 'This day has changed so much', the man who has made countless appearances at Ballermann in Mallorca and thus became the 'king' of the island is retiring. After all, his best-known hit 'Ein Bett im Kornfeld' is 47 years old. On Friday, January 13th, the album 'Geil war's - Danke Jürgen' will be released.

Then it should be really quiet – about the man who created so many unforgettable moments. Whether in Germany, on Mallorca or anywhere else. Now he is concentrating on his life together with his Ramona.

On Sunday, January 15, there will be the whole interview with Jürgen and Ramona Drews on 'Exclusive Weekend', as always at 7:05 p.m.

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