just married? Marc Terenzi and Verena Kerth turtle bridal wear


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Marc Terenzi, Verena Kerth at the Haute Couture bridal fashion opening at SOULMAID Bridal Couture in the QF Passage. Dresden, November 17, 2022
Marc Terenzi and Verena Kerth can't keep their hands off each other. © action press, ActionPress, cq

Did you get married here? Only made at the end of August Marc Terenzi (44) and Verena Kerth (41) their love publicly. Since then, a lot seems to have happened with the celebrity couple. After wild engagement rumors the two now turtle in a suit and wedding dress.

A dream in white

Overjoyed, the bleached duo look into each other's eyes in their latest Instagram snaps. Marc is wearing an elegant beige suit and his Verena is wearing a lace dream in white. Other clips show the supposed bride and groom kissing and dancing closely. 'Who cares baby? I think I wanna marry you”, Marc sings to his lover. Translated, this means, 'Who cares, baby? I think I want to marry you.” Have we landed on a Terenzi-Kerth wedding?

The fans are over the moon

For many fans of the couple, the shots in bridal fashion seem to speak for themselves. 'I think you've arrived now. Good luck to you both,” says one user. 'How cute are you two please. Congratulations,” adds another fan.

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But there are also critical voices. 'But that happened quickly … there is only one like Sarah anyway,' writes a person who apparently still has the failed marital bliss of Marc and his ex-wife Sarah Connor (42) mourns.

In the video, Marc Terenzi kisses his Verena

  Marc Terenzi kisses Verena Kerth!

To be too good to be true?

But wait, there's something fishy about it! If you take a closer look at the snapshots, it becomes clear that Marc and Verena are only guests at a bridal fashion show. 'Thank you for this great evening. It was very special for both of us “, enthuses the singer about the recordings of the evening. Apparently the two simply dressed themselves in wedding attire to match the event. A rehearsal for emergencies? It remains to be seen whether the right walk to the altar will follow soon. (ean)

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