Kate and Meghan's dispute over the flower girl dress: Schneider speaks out


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 Kate and Meghan's dispute over the flower girl dress: Schneider speaks out
Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan attended the Wimbledon tennis tournament together in 2019. © imago/Paul Marriott, SpotOn

incident before the wedding

What really happened to Princess Kate (41) shortly before Prince Harry's (38) and Duchess Meghan's (41) wedding in May 2018? In his memoir 'Spare' (released on January 10), Prince Harry takes up the rumors that have persisted for a long time and describes his view of things. A fight over a flower girl dress is said to have ended in tears. Now the tailor has commented on the incident.

Previous reports had said that Duchess Meghan had made her then sister-in-law cry. However, based on private text messages, the prince now reveals in his biography that it should have been the other way around. Accordingly, the dispute between Kate and Meghan sparked the flower girl dress of Kate's daughter, Princess Charlotte (7). Kate wanted to have this changed and turned to the busy bride. The day after, she replied that her tailor Ajay Mirpuri would be available for adjustments at Kensington Palace. Kate is said to have reacted pointedly, Harry later found his future wife Meghan 'sobbing on the floor', he writes.

Schneider had to alter all the flower girl dresses

The tailor Ajay Mirpuri now tells the 'Daily Mail' how he perceived the situation. 'Weddings are stressful and especially one at this high level. You have to respect that. They faced a problem that many have with their wedding, last minute mishaps,' Mirpuri said. 'I can understand when someone is upset because clothes don't fit - it's nerve wracking.'

'You don't want to send the children to such a big stage in ill-fitting clothes - and they were,' continued the tailor. He confirms that he and his team had to alter all six of the Givenchy flower girl dresses because they didn't fit properly. However, he himself did not notice anything about the dispute between Kate and Meghan that was described. 'If something happened, it wasn't in my presence,' said Mirpuri.

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