Kate's uncle resists Prince Harry and Meghan's 'made-up' stories


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With his Book 'Spare' and the numerous interviews Prinz Harry (38) caused quite a stir. The British royal family has not yet commented on the numerous allegations. Instead, someone else spoke up. Gary Goldsmith, uncle of Duchess Kate (41), does not want to leave the scandalous statements uncommented and has now properly distributed against the royal dropouts in an article for the 'Daily Mail'. Especially with regard to the allegations against his niece, he has a very clear opinion that everyone should now hear.

Kate's uncle paints a completely different picture of Kate than Harry does in his book

'The ball is in their court,' Prince Harry said in the revealing interview with Tom Bradby. But even days later there was still no reaction from his family. But one has now come to the rescue of royal honor. 'What in God's name was Harry thinking when he wrote that awful book?' begins Gary Goldsmith's article published in the Daily Mail. 'I would be glad if he never came back to this country. Why would the royal family want him here?” That's a clear statement. But that was not all. Above all, the picture that Harry and Meghan draw of his niece Kate is unacceptable to him. When describing the 'saga of bridesmaid dresses', how he mockingly nice, he 'saw red'. In the book, Harry writes that Charlotte cried when she tried on her dress. Writing that is pure “hypocrisy” for him. After all, Harry himself emigrated to America to protect his family and their privacy, and now 'he's betraying his niece's trust himself.'

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The fact that Kate is said to have made Meghan cry is also absolute “nonsense” for him . 'I honestly don't believe that version of the 'facts,'' he says. 'The Kate I know so well would never have caused such a stir. She's not a drama queen, she's not argumentative like the book suggests. And she would never put more pressure on a bride. After all, she knows only too well the tensions that arise when you marry into the royal family!' Harry's statement that Kate then apologized to his wife with a bouquet of flowers is only based on the alleged presence of Meghan's girlfriend. 'Call me cynical but I suspect Meghan's bestie would say anything her bossy friend asked,' Goldsmith said.

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In Harry's book there are many 'made up descriptions'

Gary Goldsmith is also certain: 'Kate would have loved to be friends with her sister-in-law!' She would have appreciated having someone by her side to accompany her in her 'amazing, challenging, privileged and scrutinized royal life'. . But instead, the heirs to the throne are downright defamed. 'It's pretty weak that the book is filled with so many made-up descriptions of William and Kate!' This includes claims that Kate and William helped Harry choose his Nazi uniform. 'Why Kate was drawn into this unpleasant story is a complete mystery. He was 20, for heaven's sake. He should just stand by it and apologize!”

Kate's uncle also thinks there were a lot of mistakes made by Harry and Meghan. First, there's the quip about Kate's hormones, which are said to have made her forgetful shortly after Louis was born. He also describes the fact that Meghan appeared barefoot and with torn jeans at the first meeting with Kate and William and wanted to hug William as “gigantic arrogance at their first formal meeting”. But Kate, hurt as she is for herself, her husband, or Charles and Camilla, will 'quietly get on with her job as her mother taught her and take care of her husband and family,' Goldsmith said.

Kate's uncle thinks 'jealousy and resentment' are recurring themes in Harry's book. 'He was paid a fortune to throw his family under the bus,' is Goldsmith's merciless verdict. In writing the book, Harry definitely 'crossed a line'. That's why he is also of the clear opinion that his family will never forgive him: 'I doubt it!' ( um )

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