Katherine Heigl: Open conversation about goals in life


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 Katherine Heigl: Open conversation about goals in life
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Katherine Heigl has told her partner just months into their relationship that she wants to get married and adopt children.

The former 'Grey's Anatomy' actress - who married Josh Kelley in 2007 and has adopted two daughters and a biological son with him - decided to speak openly about her goals in life.

Speaking to Red magazine, she said: 'About six months after I met my now-husband, I said to myself, 'I should get a few things straight: getting married and having a family are both very important to me; a Raising a family through adoption is also very important to me [her older sister Meg was adopted from South Korea before Heigl was born]. If these things don't appeal to you, then we should part ways. Luckily, he said, 'I'm fine with that! '' The 44-year-old opened up about how important the adoption is to her and the connection she has with her own daughters. She added: 'Adoption has always been a part of my life - I was born into it - and I wanted my family to look like who I came from. The moment they adopted me Naleigh [also from South Korea ] handed you over, I was their mother; I knew I would protect them with my life. It doesn't matter if they hand you a child out of your body or out of a plane; it's your child and you are their child.'

Though Heigl has been criticized for her outspokenness in the past, she has learned what fights to fight publicly. 'I will always stand up for things I believe in... But I also know that there is no need to do dirty laundry because that would only fuel the gossip,' said Heigl.

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