Katie Price: She could die with another beauty operation


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Kate Price
Is Katie Price in mortal danger? © Instagram

is Kate Price (44) gone too far with her cosmetic surgeries? The reality star has gone under the knife 15 times for her boobs alone. According to experts, any further intervention could mean death for them.

15 breast surgeries, one nose job, multiple facelifts

'There are risks that come with repeated anesthesia,' London plastic surgeon Dr. Aamer Khan explains to the 'OK! Magazine.' 'The more you do, the more you expose yourself to risk, and that includes death.' The operations themselves are also dangerous because the body has to constantly form new scar tissue. This increases the risk of complications every time.

The list of Katie's cosmetic surgeries is long: she has already undergone 15 breast surgeries, one nose job and several facelifts. Just last year, the mother of five had her fat removed in Turkey, her bottom enlarged and her face made. 'I didn't let my face be touched until I was 30,' she said at the time. 'Now I'm 43 and doing what the hell I want!'

In the video: Carl Woods has split from Katie Price

 Carl Woods has split from Katie Price

Despite danger to life: Does Katie Price continue?

Despite experts warning, Katie is said to be considering further surgeries. Also her ex-fiancé Carl Woods (33), who had recently split from Katie over an affair , is said to have begged her to stop the beauty surgeries.

Most recently, the two were traveling together in Thailand. Katie reportedly had a breast reduction and facelift consultation in Bangkok. However, her rep denied the rumours: 'Katie has no plans to have any more surgeries performed.' Let's hope that's true... (devotee)

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