Katy Karrenbauer: As a child, I caught my father cheating


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 How Katy catches her father cheating on him

by Martine Etterich, Laura Schuster and Leonie Krebber

'I wanted a dog, now I have a father' * – that's the name of the new book by Katy Karrenbauer (60), which is about her father Dieter (90), who suffers from dementia. After 50 years of radio silence, the actress reconnected with her father in 2019 who now lives in a home. In her book, the former ' Behind bars 'Star now for the first time private insights into her family life, which was also characterized by traumatic events. The TV personality now describes one of these childhood experiences in the RTL interview. In the video above, Katy tells how she is said to have caught her dad cheating red-handed at the age of just seven. It is not clear whether the allegations are actually true.

Never too late for a fresh start

Katy now visits her dad in the retirement home every day and takes loving care of him . That was particularly important during the corona pandemic because her dad suffered from loneliness. His second wife died of cancer four years ago - a stroke of fate apparently needed to bring the estranged father-daughter duo back together.

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Since Katy brought her dad to Berlin, the former family quarrel seems to have been forgotten. Today she is catching up on what she has missed in the last 50 years. Both the good and the bad moments. Today she knows: it is never too late for a new beginning.

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