Kim Gloss protects her daughter: 'People are just mean!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker

Kim Gloss (30) very excited – only moderator David Modjarad can do that with his column “A celebrity is a joker”. The singer is asked ten questions – but she can only draw the joker once in order not to answer. While the quite willingly about her Child born in mid-July speaks, she suddenly becomes very withdrawn on one topic: Criticism of her daughter's name. What she says about it, which of his questions she prefers to answer and what erotic fantasies she has, that's in the video.

Kim Gloss: 'People are just mean!'

On February 11, 2013, their eldest daughter Amelia was born - the father is actor Rocco Stark. More than ten years later, she was given a sibling: Baby Golda saw the light of day. For Kim and husband Alexander Beliaikin, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2015, it is the first child together.

Of the The little ones' name, Golda, has sparked discussions online. But Kim protects her daughter like a mother lion. 'I've learned that I don't show my children that much!' reveals David Modjarad. Because she thinks: 'People are just mean!' How she deals with the criticism – in the video.

'A celebrity is a joker' on

David Modjarad has already cross-examined a number of celebrities in the 'One celebrity one Joker' cross-examination with the strict rules – the results can be seen regularly on and on RTL on TV. The rules of the game are tough: ten quick questions for the VIP guest, who must answer all but one. If he or she draws the Joker, it means 'No comment' - but this saving card may only be drawn once.

Mariella Ahrens , Bonnie Strange , Rebecca Mir and many more - all of them have already been questioned. There are more episodes of the format here. (rla)

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