Kim Kardashian wears $200,000 in Princess Diana jewelry


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Kim Kardashian bids for a necklace loved by Princess Diana.
Kim Kardashian bids for a necklace loved by Princess Diana. © picture alliance

Jewelry worn by a real princess? That was missing Kim Kardashian apparently still in her clunker collection. The 42-year-old treated herself to a very special necklace for the equivalent of 182,000 euros Princess Diana made headlines in 1987. The chain pendant in particular, the so-called 'Attallah cross', is a real eye-catcher, as we show in the video.

Kim Kardashian collects jewelry from 'strong women' like Diana

  Princess Diana with the"Attallah-Kreuz" auf einem Charity-Event 1987.
Princess Diana with the 'Attallah Cross' at a charity event in 1987. © 1987 Anwar Hussein, Anwar Hussein

The necklace with the lavish cross pendant was first worn by Princess Diana at a charity event in 1987. At the time, she combined the eye-catching jewelry with a matching purple and black velvet dress. Her look made headlines at the time because it was a marked departure from Diana's usual fashion sense. The necklace with the cross became one of her favorite pieces.

The statement necklace now belongs to Kim Kardashian, as confirmed by the London auction house Sotheby's. It is still unclear whether she will actually wear Diana's jewelry in public. But then she would be in the best of royal company. As well as Duchess Meghan (41) so too Princess Kate (40) like to help themselves to the jewelry box of their deceased mother-in-law.

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The 'Attallah Cross' isn't the first piece of jewelry by a legendary style icon that Kim Kardashian has bought at auction. According to People magazine, she plans to gradually expand her jewelry collection with pieces by 'strong, iconic women.' were worn.

Diana is said to have been the only one who wore the necklace

According to Sotheby's, the pendant dates from the 1920s and was part of the jewelry collection of British-Palestinian businessman Naim Attallah, who died in 2021. He bought the cross in the 80s and gave it to Diana several times. She is said to be the only person who has ever worn the piece of jewelery – until now, possibly. (csp)

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