King Charles: Arrogance fit! He needs a servant for his pens


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  King Charles' arrogance fit

The Queen would never have done that! But now her son is king – and Charles immediately throws an arrogant fit. Millions of people are watching live. His Majesty is unable (or doesn't feel like it) to move pens and small inkwells out of the way. What he does instead - start the video now . The king has to take heavy criticism for his gestures online. right? Take a look for yourself!


Even Camilla rolls her eyes

'He's been useless since birth,' bursts out of a Twitter user. 'Behaviour costs nothing,' writes another. But the king is also defended: 'I think that's unfair. I saw it live [...]. He just didn't want to spill any ink.”

Interesting: Even Charles' wife Camilla rolls her eyes. It remains unclear why she is doing this. Is she ashamed of her husband? Or does it upset you that the servants aren't there quickly enough? You can see her facial expression in the video:

  After King Charles' arrogance attack: THIS is how Camilla reacts!

The secrets of the king - these (absurd) orders Charles allegedly gives to his employees

  Paul Burrell (right) was Lady Diana's servant for a long time (archive image/ collage).
Paul Burrell (right) was Lady Diana's servant for a long time (archive image/ collage). © PA, John Stillwell

Paul Burrell was Princess Diana's butler. He knows the sometimes weird habits of the Royals. In a documentary, Burrell says of then-Prince Charles: 'His pajamas are ironed every morning and his shoelaces are flattened with an iron.'

How Prince William had to pay for his father's pen gate can be seen in the video. But not only his dad, Prince William himself can freak out too .

  Prince William suffers royal arrogance attack

When it comes to his morning bath, Charles reportedly has special requests: 'The water temperature can only be lukewarm.' And that's far from over. The ex-butler adds that Charles' bathing caps must face a certain direction and his underwear must be unwrinkled. Some people have real problems...


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