King Charles III: Activists steal three lambs from his estate


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 King Charles III: Activists steal three lambs from his estate
The king should not be amused about this: an activist group stole three of his lambs from his estate in Sandringham. © Frederic Legrand - COMEO/Shutterstock, SpotOn

Rescue from the slaughter

King Charles III (74) has been targeted by animal rescuers. As the activist group 'Animal Rising' reports on its website, three women broke into the royal compound in Norfolk and took three lambs with them. With the campaign, the organization wants to draw attention to the treatment of animals.

'I saved the king's sheep'

The group released pictures and videos from the action, which took place at Appleton Farm in the evening. It belongs to the royal estate of Sandringham. The activists said the lambs were taken to safety in a truck and the women turned themselves in to police the next morning. In Windsor, they held up placards with slogans such as 'I saved the king's sheep.' Otherwise the animals would probably have been slaughtered. It is the group's first major rescue, which intends to take further action.

'The royal family could lead the way'

Sarah Foy (23) is one of those involved. She explained her commitment: 'Animals, like everyone else, want to live a safe life without being taken advantage of or exploited. Unfortunately, that is not the case here in Sandringham and everywhere they are used in our food system.' Now the three royal sheep could 'enjoy life to the fullest'. There is an urgent need for a nationwide discussion about the relationship with animals and nature. 'The royal family could be at the forefront of this. They own land about twice the size of Greater London.'

The action follows a report in The Guardian newspaper. It said the King and his son Prince William, 40, had mismanaged the Dartmoor area of ​​Cornwall. The land has been degraded by grazing animals. 'Animal Rising' sees itself as 'a social movement with the aim of building a new relationship with all living things and giving us a chance for a safe ecological future'. The group primarily calls for a transition to a sustainable plant-based food system and a program for reforestation.

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