King Charles III for the first time as a monarch in Wales


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 King Charles III for the first time as a monarch in Wales
King Charles III was warmly welcomed in Wales. © getty/FRANK AUGSTEIN / POOL/AFP via Getty Images, SpotOn

'Special Place'

After King Charles III. (73) last Thursday (September 15) was able to take a moment of rest for the first time since the death of the Queen (1926-2022), a special visit was due on Friday. He entered Wales for the first time as the new monarch - and thus for the first time in over 50 years not as the Prince of Wales. Prince William (40) has held this title since the death of Elizabeth II.

Together with Queen Consort Camilla (75) Charles III visited. the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff. There he gave a speech, according to '', in which he affirmed, among other things, what an honor it was for him to have been the Prince of Wales for so long. His successor, Prince William, has a 'deep love' for the nation - just as Queen Elizabeth II did. Wales has always been a 'special place' for the Queen. 'Throughout the years of her reign, Wales could not have been closer to my mother's heart.'

Liz Truss also celebrates a Wales premiere

Before the speech Charles III. and Camilla attended a service in honor of the Queen at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff. Another item on the agenda is a reception at Cardiff Castle. There, the new royal couple was greeted with a gun salute on Friday morning when they set foot on Welsh soil for the first time.

It wasn't the only premiere of the day: politician Liz Truss (47) came to Cardiff for the service. It was also her first visit to Wales as the new Prime Minister. She was elected shortly before the Queen's death, and her audience with the monarch was her final public appearance. The Queen's state funeral is scheduled for next Monday (September 19).

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