King Charles: The Royal attracted attention earlier with these special requests


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  September 12, 2022, Great Britain, Edinburgh: King Charles III. takes part in the procession of Queen Elizabeth's coffin from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles Cathedral. Before the late Queen left Edinburgh for London this Tuesday
King Charles III should sometimes show real diva airs © dpa, Andrew Milligan, rac

King Charles III has only been here for a few days. in office, he is already confronted with unflattering headlines. And this, although the new regent is still in the mourning phase - when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II († 96), died on September 8, 2022 , he automatically became her successor. Apparently he first has to get used to the responsible role with all its requirements, the first attacks of affectation clearly show that . Will Charles become the king of whims? We take a look at moments where the monarch has proven his diva potential in the past.

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In the video: King Charles III's arrogance fit.

  King Charles' arrogance fit

Even Prince Charles loved ironed things

Yes, it's true: Ironed laundry has a completely different wearing comfort than unironed laundry, and Charles seems to have recognized that a few years ago. But instead of reaching for the iron himself, he used his princely status at the time and guided his employees. And they had to, how the former butler Paul Burrel of his first wife Lady Diana once reported in a documentary, not only smooth Charles' pajamas every day, but also his shoelaces and his underpants. And it gets even more bizarre: even the daily newspaper allegedly only wanted to be read by today's king. Sure, uncreased paper certainly reads better, but isn't that going a bit far?

The new king likes it slick

The royal palaces gleam with splendor and glamor and fascinate with flourishes and lots of tam-tam. But even though Charles grew up in this environment, he reportedly prefers it straight and sleek (which again fits his ironing preferences). And so his butlers always have to make sure that his laundry is folded and draped accurately, this also applies to bed sheets, bath towels and the royal socks.

No strange toilet seat for Charles

It is not uncommon for people to be disgusted by strange toilets. With King Charles, however, this dislike goes a step further. He is said to carry a toilet seat with him wherever he goes. Well, Charles just has no time for potential infections and toilet seats are known to be teeming with small pathogens. Let's hope that he has the display of his private smartphone cleaned regularly - According to studies, mobile phones are said to be real mega-germ spreaders, even more so than the locus.

Incidentally, Charles is also said to have preferences when it comes to royal silver cutlery. It supposedly travels around the world with him so he doesn't have to eat off someone else's forks. One thing is certain: Bored at work? Not with the servants of the new king... (cch)

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