Kris Jenner in deep mourning - this sudden death rocks the Kardashian clan


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Kris Jenner (middle) with her daughter Khloé Kardashian (right), her ex-partner Tristan Thompson and his mother Andrea (left).
Kris Jenner (middle) with her daughter Khloé Kardashian (right), her ex-partner Tristan Thompson and his mother Andrea (left), who died unexpectedly. © Getty Images for Remy Martin, Jerritt Clark

On Thursday (January 5), the mother of basketball star Tristan Thompson (31) came to a hospital in Toronto, Canada, as an emergency. Andrea is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest at her home. Doctors fought for her life but were unable to resuscitate her. Not just the ex of Khloé Kardashian (38) is now mourning the loss of a beloved family member.

Kris Jenner mourns publicly

'The sudden death of Tristan's mother Andrea breaks my heart,' writes the clan leader Kris Jenner (67) on Instagram. Tristan is the ex of her daughter Khloé and the father of her two children. So Andrea was the other grandmother next to Kris - a very close family member - despite the separation of their children. 'You were the most wonderful, devoted and selfless mother and such a loving, kind and fabulous grandmother,' the 67-year-old remembers the deceased touchingly.

Kris also shares a series of photos that show exactly these roles of Andrea in the most beautiful way: In one photo there are Andrea, Khloé and granddaughter True (4) to see. Here grandma proudly holds her granddaughter's little hand. In another, Tristan lovingly puts his arm around his mother. Both beam at the camera. 'I'll miss you, Andrea,' Kris says goodbye to her friend. 'I will miss your radiant spirit and beautiful light.'

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Khloé is always there for Tristan

  Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian in Toronto
Tristan Thompson (left) was joined by his ex-partner Khloé Kardashian (right) on a private plane to Toronto immediately after they learned the news of his mother's health. © action press

Tristan and Khloé left for Toronto on a private plane that night. Photos show the ex-couple disembarking the plane in Canada. Most recently, the two had also spent the Christmas holidays together. In times of need and grief, the ex-couple continues to stick together. Additionally, Khloé was very close to her quasi-'mother-in-law.'

After Tristan cheated on his girlfriend for months , the 38-year-old separated from her partner in November 2021. In early July 2022, it was announced that she was expecting a second child from him - despite their separation! In August her son was born – by surrogacy , since doctors of the sister of Kim Kardashian (42) advised against a second pregnancy. They also have the name of their second child a good five months after the birth not revealed yet . They also have four-year-old daughter True. (vne)

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